TICA Continuing Education Units (CEU) on Thursday, Aug 29

There will be CEU (continuing education unit) sessions on Thursday, Aug 29 for judges and breeders. (More details to come as we get them.)

9-10AM – Susanna Shon, Peterbald

10AM-12PM – Dr. Kessler

12-1PM – Lunch

1-2PM – Shauntay Burris, Sphynx

2-3PM – Grace Ruga, American Curls

3-4PM – Marion Schiff, Lykoi

4-5PM –  Laurie Schiff, Judging school

6-8PM – Steven Corneille and Robyn Paterson, Bengals

Cost is $30, includes supplies.

Contact Gloria Mahan for more information jazzycats2000@sbcglobal.net