TICA Continuing Education Units (CEU) on Thursday, Aug 29

There will be CEU (continuing education unit) sessions on Thursday, Aug 29 for judges and breeders.  (Schedule subject to change)

Location is the Coco Room (#36 on map)

Cost is $30, includes supplies.

Contact Gloria Mahan for more information jazzycats2000@sbcglobal.net

9-11am – Dr. Rick Kesler, Royal Canin – Feline reproduction and neonates

11am-12pm  – Grace Ruga, American Curls – Presentation by the founder of the American Curl breed! Fun Fact;  American Curl kittens are born with straight ears and develop their final curled shape  within a few months.

12-1PM – Lunch

1-2PM – Shauntay Burris, Sphynx – Learn about some of the major differences amongst TICA’s “hairless” breeds and other facts about the Sphynx. Fun fact: Sphynx cats are NOT hypoallergenic.

2-3pm – Susanna Shon, Peterbald – Learn about the Peterbald directly from the Committee Chair. Fun fact: the Peterbald is one of our mutation breeds, and has 5 distinguishable coat varieties (not all of which are show coats).

3-4pm – Marion Schiff, Lykoi – Learn more about the breed that boasts one of the most unique appearances in the cat world. Fun Fact: Naturally occurring Lykoi have been spotted in many states and even several countries!

4-5pm – Laurie Schiff, Judging school

6-8pm – Steven Corneille and Robyn Paterson, Bengals – Bengal patterns. Learn more about the breed that has earned tremendous appreciation for it’s jungle cat appearance, yet tame personality. This is one of our most popular breeds in the fancy, come and find out why!