Many thanks!

Now that the 40th TICA Annual is over and most of you are home, I would like to thank so many who really were the ones responsible for making this show so much fun and such a success.

My dear friend Janet Brown, has been involved since Jazzycats first thought about putting on this Annual four years ago. Janet’s unflappable style has made her a great team player that works well with everyone. She has helped the team to move forward through crises, setbacks and a few nightmares! Thank you again, Janet. Your contribution was invaluable.

A huge thank you to the judges and exhibitors! You are the show and you outdid yourself this year! Our judges represented many of the TICA worldwide regions and exhibitors literally came from around the world. There were 447 cats at the show; one of the biggest counts in TICA history.

Thank you to the entry clerk, Liz Hansen Brown, master clerks, Alex Chisholm and Shauntay Burris, all the ring clerks, stewards and vendors. Thank you to Sandy Hale who made all the banners and the catalog. Thank you Roxann Vass and Anthony Hutcherson for your work on the Congresses. To Toni Jones and Carol Barton, our outstanding banquet coordinators, thank you. Ken Kershaw handled transportation and storage, Lorraine Shelton, the education ring and Dodie Johnson provided the lovely decorations. All of these people put in untold hours for months and months making sure this was the best show possible.

Diana Starr, Starrlight photography and Chanan were the photographers. Diana Starr was our webmaster.

Other people in our hard-working team that deserve many plaudits are Aaron Prince, Tristan Anderson and Chase Long for gate. Announcers Jesse Chisholm, Ralph Shelton, and Sarah Ruttan, a job more difficult than it looks, especially with such a large show.. Setup and Tear Down crew, absolutely unsung heroes when everyone else is tired and on their way home.

Patti Andrews our raffle queen, Terry Christopher and Megan Antijunti for the cages, Hazel Blanford, Kathy Stevens and Chris Arsich for hospitality. Thank you all! A fantastic team that did the work and got it done. Each one of these volunteers played an important role in the success of the show. You worked with each other; you made allowances for surprises that came up; and you all stayed helpful and friendly through the long and tiring days.

Jazzycats would like to give a special thanks to our many sponsors. Not only did you help make this show possible but most of you also volunteered to help in other ways. Jazzycats thanks you. TICA thanks you and all the exhibitors thank you. You really helped make this show possible.

To the many others that donated things, got roped into hanging banners or some other last minute job, that filled in for others when they were busy doing something else, that got beverages for judges, that kept announcing even when everyone was talking on top of each other, that found exhibitors that couldn’t hear their number being called or that had wondered off to another ring, that shared information about room locations or upcoming events and all of you who were just the nice helpful people that we expect to find in TICA. Thank you,

Gloria Mahan, Jazzy Cats Club

Last minute notes for show exhibitors

JazzyCats would like to thank everyone for entering the show!

Jazzy CatAlmost 450 entries!!

We are truly international with exhibitors coming from:
Hong Kong
South Korea
The Netherlands

A couple of things to keep in mind.

No outside food will be allowed in the showhall. The hotel is providing food stands within the showhall.

If you reserved a scooter it may be picked up at the concierge desk after checking in.

We will do our best to have litter and disposable boxes for those flying in.. Details On Monday after we meet with the hotel.

Don’t forget to attend the public sessions of the board meeting. Get to know the board members.

Travel Safe!!! See you all soon!

Team Jazzy Cats

TICA 40th Annual International Cat Show!

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