Our show judges

We are excited to announce our lineup of esteemed judges for this show!

Friday – Ragdoll Congress:
  • Edith Mary Smith (SP)
  • Karen Stinson (SP)
  • Debbie Prince (SP)
Friday – Bengal Congress:
  • Lindajean Grillo (SP)
  • Adriana Kajon (SP)
  • Steven Corneille (SP)
Saturday / Sunday Show:
    • Yvonne Patrick (AB)
    • Edith Mary Smith (AB)
    • Aline Noel-Garel (AB)
    • Fate Mays (AB)
    • Carlos Lopez (AB)
    • Laurie Schiff (AB)
    • Hisae Tasaki (AB)
    • Karen Stinson (AB)
    • Theresa Kempton (AB)
    • Jim Armel (AB)
    • Åsa Broing (AB)
    • Jamie Christian (AB)
    • Brenda Russo (AB)
    • Debbie Prince (AB)

TICA 40th Annual International Cat Show!

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